Nowadays an increasing number of contractors and cooperatives are specialised in the maintenance and cleaning of transport vehicles (e.g. trams, trains, ships, planes etc.). In the last years, many of these companies have relied on steam generators for the cleaning of such vehicles. This also happened thanks to Tecnovap, which spread the steam cleaning culture through all these years.

Time passed and technicians became more confident and specialised with this modern cleaning system. Cleaners of train and tram stations, ports and airports became specialist in this steam cleaning method, both in Italy and worldwide.

Many companies of this sector are satisfied by the features of our steam generators, one of the most appreciated ones surely is the special steam/aspiration hose. This tool is 20 meters long and enables an easier cleaning of the vehicle interiors (especially used for train coaches); the steam machine stays outside of the vehicle while the cleaner has more space to operate inside of it. The cleaning method developed by Tecnovap, thanks to his positive aspects, is one of the most established on the market.


  • - Saving on water usage by 90% in comparison to traditional cleaning methods;
  • - Drastic reduction of chemical detergents;
  • - Elimination of mite and bacteria. Prevention of mould and fungus appearance, which are responsible for the vehicle scarring and bad odours;
  • - Efficiency and cleaning speed: after the steam treatment, the cleaned surfaces are not extremely wet. This means that there is no need to wait for the cleaned parts to dry up;
  • - No residues and waste inside and outside the vehicle after the steam cleaning
  • - Possibility of rust removal with a specific detergent


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