Essential and extremely relevant in this sector are hygiene and cleaning. Traditional cleaning systems require the usage of lots of water and a continuous application of new chemical detergents, as bacteria quickly tend to become immune to such products.

Tecnovap offers an ecologic, economic and rapid solution to this problem: the use of 165°-174°C steam guarantees a long-term state-of-the-art cleaning system. Specific studies in this sector have shown, that no germs or bacteria survive at these high temperatures.

Tecnovap’s steam generators can be implemented in different types of healthcare infrastructures: hospitals, ambulatories, operating rooms, clinics, production lines of medicines and any other types of healthcare environments.



Sanitisation and disinfection of all types of healthcare surfaces 
Cleaning and sanitisation of mattresses, pillow, blankets etc.
Elimination of process residues 
Saving on chemical detergents
Sanitisation of medical vehicles
Fast cleaning that enables the reduction of stopping-time of the machineries during the cleaning process


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