Especially in the food industry, the consumer product safety becomes exceedingly important.   

Treating this essential requirement with care contributes to a strategic importance of the hygiene & health matters in a business setting and is realizable thanks to scientific knowledge and technologic applications which only an “industrial” logic has been able to develop.

Several studies carried out by experts in the field note that 90% of contamination concerning food occurs during the production and packaging process. 
In the past few years, especially in the areas dedicated to packaging, this problem is felt more and more due to the continuous add up of regulations related to the preservation of food hygiene. Therefore, severe cleaning and disinfection programs have been approved to eliminate any kind of bacteria/germs, mold, etc. from work stations.

The traditional cleaning method develops through four stages: water with detergent, disinfection with chemical products, rinsing and drying.
Tecnovap instead proposes the usage of steam at 180°C which guarantees an adequate sanitization and a certain elimination of microorganisms which die due to the thermal shock.
Emission of vapor combined with a contemporaneous suction allows the treated surfaces to dry immediately; furthermore, thanks to the special accessories custom designed by the company, the customer has a guaranteed possibility to sanitize difficult spots or spots which are impossible to reach with the usual traditional cleaning methods. 


Adequate sanitization of working surfaces
Removal of food residuals such as incrustation, oil, grease, etc.
Considerable abolition of costs caused by machine and production line downtime thanks to automated systems for the sanitization of conveyor belts
Elimination of disposal costs for liquid waste residuals
Saving of detergent and chemical products
Considerable reduction of water consumption


Nell'industria alimentare è molto sentito il problema della pulizia dei nastri trasportatori,
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