Tecnovap steam generators grant a specific cleaning and a careful sanitization of every domestic surface, allowing to definitively discard chemical products. This ecological and natural treatment can be applied to any space in your home; it is possible to polish all kitchen parts as well as every kind of floor, bathroom fixtures and upholsteries such as mattresses, sofas and pillows and furthermore, steam creates a greater protection also for children: it protects health, prevents the appearance of allergies, keeps toys and playgrounds free from germs and respects the environment, making our homes a healthier place.

Our company produces also ironing systems (boilers, boards and specific tools for a perfect, efficient and quick ironing of garments).


  • - Cleaning and sanitizing of every kind of domestic surface (floors, tiles, parquets, etc.)
  • - Risk prevention of the formation of mold, mites and fungus which are responsible for allergies and bad smells (sanitizing of carpets, mattresses, pillows and upholsteries in general)
  • - Elimination of bacteria (sanitizing of cookers, sinks, bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, shower cabinets etc.).



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