In the world of the mechanical engineering industry, the cleaning of equipment and machineries is very costly in terms of consumption of water, detergents, and chemical products. Tecnovap's steam generators are the ideal solution for these issues: they allow to reduce water consumption by 90% compared to traditional systems, which use high pressure washers.

Steam brought to a temperature of 183°C allows to eliminate all types of dirt and encrostations from any kind of surfaces and/or mechanical components. Furthermore, thanks to the combined action of vacuum the disposal costs for liquid waste residuals are almost nonexistent: this leads to a downtime redution of machines and production lines, avoiding also substantial spills of water from the usage of high pressure washers.


  • Cleaning of equipment, machineries and work tools.
  • Removal of dirt, encrostations, oil and grease.
  • Considerable decrease of costs thanks to the reduction of the production line downtime during thecleaning process
  • Elimination of disposal costs for liquid waste residuals.
  • Significant decrease of chemical products.
  • Considerable reduction of water consumption.


special applications... ... machineries in general...
...engines.... ..surfaces & floors...


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