from 10,8kW to 36kW

Three-phase steam generator combined with an automated conveyor belt cleaner for the use in food industry.
Equipped with stainless steel body, unlimited steam autonomy thanks to automatic water refilling system (electromechanical water level control system inside the boiler – True Temp™) with a direct water mains connection.  
Front panel with 7" touchscreen for the managing of the plant and belt cleaner functions.


- Automatic mains water feding       
- Integrated pressure reducer
- Integrated water treatment filter with cationic resins
- Completely automated discharge system for the vacuumed liquid
- Automatic cleaning of the vacuumed liquid container
- Automatic boiler maintenance
- Automatic positioning and opening of the belt cleaning system
- Automatic cooling system for the vacuumed steam/liquid
- Anodizing treatment of the vacuum turbine for its protection against corrosion
- Automatic stop function
- Status signals on the light/acoustic indicator 
- 7´´ touchscreen panel as HMI    
- Semplified menu to start the cleaning, two buttons only: “Start” and “Stop”
- Cleaning time setting
- Failure diagnosis
- Multilingual menu

Automated Steam Plant for cleaning and sanitization of conveyor belts. Supplied with appropriate seals according to the field of use. Application is possible during the production cycle
In pic. 1-2 you see the placement and opening of the automated cleaning system.


Technical data

Boiler Stainless steel AISI 304
Body Stainless steel AISI 304 (BA)
Boiler volume 11 l - 12,5 l
Maximum output from 10,8kW to 36kW
Operating pressure 6 - 10 bar
Steam temperature 165°C - 183°C
Steam production (g/min) 291 - 970 gr/m - 17,5 Kg/H to 58 Kg/h
Vacuum output 3,6 kW
Air flow 320 m3/h
Depression 3200 mm
Vacuum drum capacity 30 l
Power supply 3 N 400 V - 50/60 Hz
Power cord various lenghts available on request
Weight 266 Kg

Features & advantages


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