Tecnovap has designed and realized EVO SANITIZER, a professional steam generator which allows to perform a thorough cleaning and sanitation of all critical surfaces within hospitals, aged care facilities, medical, dental and veterinary offices.

It is equipped with a stainless-steel boiler able to produce dry steam at 165° C with 6 bar pressure and with an internal tank for a continuous water feed. Its ergonomic and compact structure makes it possible to access even narrow spaces.




Tecnovap has always been committed to sanitation in the health care sector, HoReCa, mechanical and food industries.

Here are its solutions to fight Covid-19.

In such a difficult historical moment, Tecnovap offers its range of specific generators for steam sanitation which, thanks to the dry saturated steam at high temperature (up to 180°C on some models), guarantee the elimination of bacteria, virus and molds from every surface. Today Tecnovap steam generators find application on the field, in the hands of specialized operators, in environmental sanitation, giving their contribution to the fight against the deadly and invisible virus Sars CoV-2.

Thanks to a specific nebulizer supplied with the machine which atomizes the sanitizer together with steam it is possible to sanitize any environment quickly. The steam jet charged with the sanitizer’s particles hits all the surfaces (floors, walls, furniture) and easily penetrates also into the most inaccessible spots where bacteria and molds proliferate.


The sanitizer, after being properly diluted in the bottle, is aspirated through the Venturi system and is transported by microparticles of dry steam on all surfaces.

Technical data

Boiler Stainless steel AISI 304 - with interchangeable heating element
Body Varnished steel P04
Boiler volume 1,5 l
Maximum output 2,45 kW
Boiler output 2,4 kW
Water tank 3 L
Operating pressure 6 bar
Steam temperature 165° C
Steam production (g/min) 64 g/min. / 3,8 Kg/h
Power supply 230 - 50/60 Hz
Power cord 5 MT
Weight 14 Kg
Packaging (Length x Width x Height)"; 53x40x52 cm
Quantity per pallet 24



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