2,4 kW

Single-phase steam generator for usage in the semi-professional sector, with a varnished steel body, boiler under pressure with a steam autonomy of 3 liters. The steam generator’s front panel is equipped with an electric console with commands for a timer, a thermometer and a pressure gauge; the digital display will advise the user about the necessity to proceed with the boiler maintenance.

Technical Data

Boiler Stainless steel AISI 304 - with interchangeable heating element
Body Varnished steel P04
Boiler volume 4 l
Boiler's water capacity 3 l
Maximum output 2,45 kW
Boiler output 2,4 kW
Operating pressure 6 bar / 87 psi
Steam temperature 165° C / 329° F
Steam production (g/min) 64 g/min / 5,7 kg/h
Power supply 230 v - 50/60 Hz
Power cord 5 m
Weight 14 kg / 30,8 lb
Packaging (Length x Width x Height)"; 50x30x40cm / 1,6x1x1,3 ft
Quantity per pallet 24